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A collection is built over time and ultimately it is what enables us to forge a history, and create stories. The constitution of Carré d’Art collection began in the 1980s, even before the museum opened. Today, it is a veritable treasure that is part of each and everyone’s heritage at a time when everything is undergoing perpetual movement and dematerialization. The changing hangings engender a dialogue between the works, opening new perspectives and questionings. They are there to engender esthetic pleasure but also to provoke us or even upend our certitudes. They enable us to perceive the world in alternate ways, in all its complexity, without providing answers. The paradox of entering a museum is that time is suspended there but the works also bring you into direct contact with what we call into question in the present.

This exhibition enables one to see and reexamine the works of Supports/Surfaces, along with major artworks from the 1980s and 1990s. You can also discover recent acquisitions of the collection, often acquired after an exhibition at the museum. Some of them will be presented for the first time, for example the works of Jumana Manna, Guillaume Leblon, Julien Creuzet and Hito Steyerl.