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Friends of the Museum (AAMAC)

Founded in 1985, the AMAAC (Association of Friends of the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Fine Arts) aims to help raise awareness of the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Contemporary Art, to raise awareness of the arts, to promote and support artistic creativity, to develop corporate philanthropy.

Carré d’Art–Musée d’Art contemporain. Level - 1

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Opened on the city and facing the Maison Carrée, Carré d’Art Museum offers the opportunity to companies, institutions and associations to organize events within its walls either during or outside of public opening hours. This is a way for these organizations to associate their image with the prestigious image of Carré d’art, through communications initiatives to their advantage aimed at their various audiences, be they customers, partners, or staff.

Carré d’art-Museum summer exhibition boasts widespread publicity through targeted poster advertising in the festival towns of the region through the Decaux, Lagardère and Clear Channel networks, as well as announcements in the local press (La Gazette, Le Midi Libre), TGV Magazine and the specialist press (Artforum, Beaux-Arts Magazine, L’œil, Analogues, E Flux, Mousse, Zoo Galerie, Art Press, Parachute, …).

For each Carré d’art-Museum exhibition, a bilingual catalogue is published for worldwide distribution.


Backing the museum projects

The business world is a privileged partner for the Museum: both in terms of new audiences to be won over, and also in terms of backing. Sponsorship applies to all the museum’s projects, be it adding to its collection, the restoration of artworks, the organization of exhibitions, book publishing, or actions in favour of the non-local public. Several accompaniments are possible as the sponsorship of our cultural programming or our mediation initiatives aimed at specific audiences (associations, children, people with disabilities, prisoners...).

History of art courses for beginners, visits with the family and private events are all occasions that familiarize all concerned with the artistic approaches of our time. It is also an opportunity for us to offer a yearly series of lectures specially reserved for the employees of companies who join us and to open the museum’s doors to as many of your staff as possible on free annual visits with their families.

It is our wish to attract and hold onto partners with whom we can build up a long-term relationship of trust.


Sponsoring Carré d’Art-Musée d’art contemporain in Nîmes

Sponsorship actions proposed by the museum allow companies to associate their image with that of one of the must-see contemporary art venues in France, to raise their profile, organize public relations events in the prestigious museum setting and maintain a special relationship with the art world. Furthermore, the sponsorship act passed in 2003 provides for tax breaks for corporate sponsors.

The Museum welcomes you for your functions, conferences, and private visits. The museum can also privatize the entire Carré d’Art building for you.