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This page sets out the legal terms and conditions applicable to all Internet users visiting the Carré d’Art-Musée website. By browsing this website, each user acknowledges having read this legal notice and undertakes to comply with it.


Carré d’Art–Musée is making available to Internet users a website providing access to its free data. This website is intended for use under normal web browsing conditions. Its design has been subjected to rigorous testing in order to make it compatible with as many computer systems as possible, without damaging information technology infrastructure.

However, in order to maintain quality for all, utilisation of the website is subject to the terms of use below. Each web user using the Internet site platform, whether totally or in part, with or without a personal account, is therefore bound by these terms of use. These terms complement current national and international laws, notably with respect to the intellectual property rights pertaining to the elements presented or produced in the context of Carré d’Art–Musée’s digital environment.

Nature of the information
Carré d’Art–Musée makes its best efforts to ensure optimum availability, accuracy and up-to-dateness of the information released on its website, the content of which it reserves the right to correct without notice at any time. However, Carré d’Art–Musée cannot guarantee the availability, accuracy, up-to-dateness or exhaustivity of the information released in this manner. Each web user fully accepts the risks relating to the credence that they give to the information thus made available, and acknowledges that they are fully responsible for the use they make of such information.

Deteriorations and viruses
The onus is upon the user of the Carré d’Art–Musée website to take all necessary precautions in order to avoid any contamination, notably through one or more “viruses”, of this website or the website of any partners to which Carré d’Art–Musée provides a link.

For its part, Carré d’Art–Musée shall not be liable with respect to any damage, whether real or consequential, and whatever the causes, origins, natures or consequences, including any and all deteriorations or viruses that may infect the user’s computer equipment or any other property.

Intellectual property
Unless otherwise specified, any element composing the website (overall architecture, software, texts, moving and still pictures, sounds, knowhow etc.), is the property of Carré d’Art–Musée or its partners and is protected by copyright laws. No licence or any right beyond the right to browse the website is granted to any person whatsoever with respect to intellectual property rights. Reproduction of the documents on the website is authorised for information purposes only and strictly for personal and private use. Any reproduction and any use of a copy made for other purposes and in another context are expressly forbidden and would constitute a copyright infringement punishable under Articles L. 335-2 and following of the French Intellectual Property Code. The same applies to any databases present on this website, which are protected under the provisions of the act dated 1st July 1998 relating to the transposition to the Intellectual Property Code of the European Directive of 11 March 1996 on the legal protection of databases.

Unless otherwise stipulated, all corporate names, logos, products and brand names quoted on this website are the property of Carré d’Art–Musée or its partners. Any total or partial reproduction made from these elements without express permission from the website operator is therefore prohibited in the meaning of Article L. 713-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

All images present on this website are protected by copyright. They may not be duplicated and used without written permission from Carré d’Art - Musée d’art contemporain.
All requests to be made to:
Service Communication
Régie autonome Carré d’Art - Musée d’art contemporain
Place de la Maison Carrée
30000 NIMES

Information specifying names and other information
The Carré d’Art–Musée website may be called upon to request that web users identify themselves and leave their email or postal address by filling in forms in order to sign up, for the sending of documentation, to subscribe to a newsletter, for communication or for a satisfaction survey. All the data collected is stored in a directory restricted to Carré d’Art–Musée personnel.

Pursuant to Article 38-40 of Act n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 on information technology, data files and civil liberties, web users have a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of their personal data, and also a right to object to commercial canvassing (by writing to the site webmaster).

The Carré d’Art–Musée website not being designed to receive private information, with the exception of the afore-mentioned personal data, no information that web users may communicate to it may be deemed confidential, whatever the form it takes – document, data, graphic, image, question, suggestion, concept, comment or other. Accordingly, the mere fact of uploading an item of information to the Carré d’Art–Musée website entitles Carré d’Art–Musée to use, reproduce, circulate, modify or send it for the purpose of processing the web user’s request.

Users of the Carré d’Art–Musée website are required to comply with the provisions of the act on information technology, data files and civil liberties, any breach of which is subject to criminal sanctions. In particular, in respect of information that they access naming names, they must refrain from any collection, any indirect utilisation, and generally, any action liable to constitute a violation of privacy or an attack on the reputation of individuals. Likewise, the website user acknowledges and accepts that they must supply to Carré d’Art–Musée only the information needed to process their request, to the exclusion of any extreme, racist or pejorative information or statements.

Carré d’Art–Musée shall not be liable when users activate the hyperlinks made available as part of its website with links to other resources present on the Internet. Accordingly, Carré d’Art–Musée expressly accepts no liability with regard to the contexts of other websites to which it provides links, these being merely offered as a service to users of the website. The decision therefore to activate these links is the sole responsibility of Internet users.

Users and visitors to the Carré d’Art–Musée website may not set up a hyperlink to this website without the website operator’s prior express permission.

Warning regarding forward-looking information
The Carré d’Art–Musée website may contain certain non-historical data constituting forward-looking statements, most notably prospective statements regarding upcoming events, plans or aims. Such statements are based on the current views and hypotheses of the Carré d’Art–Musée management and are subject to unforeseen events liable to entail significant discrepancies between actual outcomes and those contained, whether explicitly or implicitly, in such statements (or earlier results).

Website publishing company
The Carré d’Art–Musée website, whose URL is, is the property of Régie Autonome Carré d’Art, having its main place of business at Place de la Maison Carrée, 30000 NIMES.
Telephone switchboard: +33 (0)4 66 76 35 70.
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Compliance with web accessibility standards
The Carré d’Art–Musée website has bronze level compliance with accessibility standards. Our website uses utf-8, HTML 5 coding
The repository "Référentiel accessibilité des services Internet de l’administration française" published by the ADAE (Agence pour le Développement de l’Administration Électronique) is downloadable from the AccessiWeb website. 

Delphine Verrières-Gaultier, deputy director, communication, editions