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fahd burki

23.05 > 14.09.2014

Fahd Burki’s work is based on constructing a personal mythology of symbolic archetypes that eschews chronological categorization. His formalistic approach is marked by a strong graphic sensibility and a tendency to reduce his ideas to their most essential elements. His static totemic composites oscillate between body and architecture alluding to states of being, while closed forms and carefully observed symmetry signals an interiorization of possibility, a kind of subjective unity that is only possible in fantasy; the fantasy of omnipotence. Burki’s mythological elsewhere treads the vast terrain between primitivism and science fiction, always searching for the ideal configuration; a universal monumentalism.

Fahd Burki was born in Lahore (Pakistan) in 1981. He lives in Lahore. He is graduated from the National College of Arts Lahore, and the Royal Academy of London. He is represented by Grey Noise gallery in Dubai and won the John Jones Award 2013 (Art Dubai).

Exhibition organized in collaboration with the John Price Jones (London).


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